Bulbs is primarily a fictional short film script I’m currently writing in my spare time, based on personal experiences. This is now expanding into an overall art project based around Christmas lights, moving into a number of planned photoshoots and interviews. My interest in this subject is due to the generous, exuberant nature of the households that go over-the-top with Christmas lights, which can often be juxtaposed with sadness and tragedy.
Coombe road is situated in one of the most notorious areas of town. It’s by no means the worst street, but it would be fair to say the local’s make do with not much. The street is tired and neglected, but every year the locals individually and collectively decorate their homes in gaudy, excessive Christmas lights. It becomes a detour, a destination on the way to the supermarket for local residents to ‘take in the lights’. Behind each home, are life stories, some tragic, some lighthearted and life affirming. Bulbs is about life's, behind the showy facade. Ultimately a story of hope, despite the hardships of everyday life.
Based entirely around a long, wide road, flanked by rows of large semi detached / short terraced council houses built in the 1950’s. Most, but not all of the properties are scruffy, with large unkempt front gardens where local children can easily play without boundaries from road, to adjoining gardens. The road is potholed, with strips of street lamps that give the long straight road a runway appearance. Some properties have caravans, or stripped cars in the driveways.
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