I led the initiation of both projects while a colleague was away on paternity leave. During this time l pushed hard on the original brief as it was felt we could add more value to the business within this project by looking at creating a new Lloyds Banking Group design process. Up to this point much of the design files lived in Photoshop, with Style guides delivered as PDFs, and large documentation created for onshore/offshore build teams.
BoS Public site homepage in situ
BoS Public site credit cards hub, and credit card detail page
At first there was resistance to adding this as a project goal, so we managed to negotiate an incubation period where we could validate our assumptions and present strong evidence to the business. This was successful, and meant we could make a transition into using Sketch with processes in place for how files would be used. This meant a Lloyds standard to designing in Sketch was created using shared libraries, symbol overrides, and nested symbols for more efficiency.
Once my colleague returned from paternity leave he moved into managing the hands on design phase of the project while l then led the design of the Private Banking side of the project.
BoS Private responsive site design
Led the redesign of the BoS Private site design. The brief for this project was to update the site to fit in with the new brand direction which had been developed, and put the brand on a level playing field with it's competitors. To do this we went for a premium, light and professional aesthetic. 
•Delivered 2 public site redesigns in time and under budget. A first for the bank.
•Provided the framework for a move to providing tools to a unified design framework
My role
Design Director, Lead designer
Ed Mitchell-Innes Design Director
Philipp Hornung Senior designer
Saran Bhangoe Project manager
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